Follow Along HIIT Workout (Do It At Home!)

Updated: Jun 9

Only have 15 minutes to get a workout in? Well, then you've come to the right place. Here is your 2-3-4 follow along HIIT workout video by our co-founder Taylor. She has used HIIT workouts for several years as a part of her workout regime.

If you want a leg burner, tone your body and strengthen your muscles then you are definitely going to have to try this. And the great thing is you can do this just about anywhere. Taylor has even done this in a hotel lobby with her family while traveling.

What To Expect:

  • 2 Rounds

  • 3 Times Each

  • 4 Exercises Each Round

What You Need:

  • Water

  • A Pair Dumbells

Here is what's included in this workout:

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