spreading the love of movement through kindness

Who We Work With

At Ape Movement, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the world. Our goal is to spread movement and love through any sort of kindness that we can. Here are some of the great companies we have gotten the privilege to work with and give back to.

Our goal is to eventually be able to donate profits to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund. We believe that everyone should be more like Ellen, after all she did get a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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their mission

Yoga Share's mission is to provide access to yoga and mindfulness to all communities within the NYC metropolitan area. They believe these techniques can be a tool to promote overall wellbeing. We love supporting them with our yoga blocks and straps so they can better serve their community.

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

— Albert Einstein


who they are

Revitalize Retreats consist of a combination of circuit training + yoga to give you a balance of all around health. Located in beautiful, exotic places, with amazing adventures and activities, you won't want to miss out on such an incredible experience. They are all about cultivating and practicing SELF-LOVE in all that they do and portray that across all of their retreats. We have partnered by giving them yoga blocks and strap sets to their yoga retreat attendees!


Avant Coeur Gymnastics

What They Do

Avant Coeur Gymnastics is a leader in gymnastics in Coeur d' Alene, ID. They teach kiddos from tots to teens how to do gymnastics and parkour with a focus on having fun and loving what they do to build skills for life.

Unparalleled Movement

who they are


Unparalleled Movement was created to provide a place in Missoula, MT, to learn parkour and freerunning in a safe, positive environment. They are home to a supportive community of all ages and types of people who have all come together for the love of movement. They believe, and we agree, fitness isn't just barbells and treadmills. View your body as a vehicle for play-time. Rather than suffer through a workout routine, they see people smiling as they jump, climb, vault, balance, and flip.

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who they are

Mellow Monkey Yoga

Mellow Monkey Yoga is commitment to compassion and inclusion. They welcome everyone. Mellow Monkey Yoga believes that it's absolutely true that you do NOT have to be flexible (or skinny, or patient, or vegetarian, or a yogi!) to practice yoga. Their students have a desire to sleep better, feel better, move better, and want to add yoga to their lifestyle. If you're in Spokane, WA, go check them out!

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