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Foam Yoga Blocks

What Are Yoga Blocks Best Used For?

Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi practitioner, you can use yoga blocks for extra support, balance, and extra stability to hold poses longer while you focus on your breaths.

Do the Yoga Blocks Have a Weight Limit?

If you use the yoga blocks for what they are intended for, you won't ever have to wory about them breaking. They are made of high quality, durable, EVA Foam yet they are still soft.

When Should I Use Foam Blocks?

Your best bet is to use blocks when you need extra support, better alignment or when you simple can't do a pose fully. I.E. If you can't touch the ground during a forward fold then you can use the blocks to put your hands on it and bring the ground closer to you.

Who Should Use Foam Yoga Blocks?

Anyone from beginner to advanced yogi's can use our yoga blocks.

Why are the Yoga Blocks and Straps Only Available On Amazon?

We believe that the Ape Movement Yoga Blocks and Yoga Strap Set should be in every household across the world. Amazon is a great selling platform and reaches nearly the entire world.

What Are the Yoga Blocks Made Of?

The Foam Yoga Blocks are made of High quality EVA foam.

Where Can I Order the Yoga Blocks and Yoga Strap Set?

You can order our Yoga Blocks and Yoga Strap Set from Amazon.

Yoga Strap

What is a Yoga Strap Best Used For?

A yoga strap can assist in getting into a deeper stretch, maximizing your stretch or yoga pose without jeopardizing the alignment of your body's alignment.

When Should I Use a Yoga Strap?

You should think about using a yoga strap when you need to extend your arms reach or when when you need an extra hand. I.E. Use the yoga strap to extend your arms reach in a seated forward bend.

Who Should Use a Yoga Strap?

Anyone from beginner to advanced yogi's can use our 8' Yoga Strap.

What Material is the Yoga Strap Made Of?

The Foam Yoga Strap is made of 100% Cotton.

How Long is the Yoga Strap

Our Yoga Strap is 8' Long.

Why does the Yoga Strap have D-Rings on both ends?

We wanted you to be able to use the strap not only as a stretching mechanism but also a yoga mat sling. This way you'll never forget either one.

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